Rebecca Degnan

Metro Center Tree

Unrelated to University Project however I really love the concept of this piece.

Taken at the Metro Centre, Newcastle.


Thought Bubble – Leeds’ Comic Art Festival: Joker costume

Home project based off DC Comics: New 52 Joker.

Reference Picture:


Worn at ThoughtBubble 2013, November.


I usually attend comic or gaming conventions in costume (cosplay) within my free time as it is one of my personal hobbies. Overall this costume took little under a week to finish, the hardest part to make was the mask since It was my first time using methods of sculpting and molding.

Plasticine had been used to sculpt over a Modroc cast of my face.


Liquid Latex was later applied in layers over the sculpt, Talcum Powder and Vaseline helped in the process of removing the Latex mask from the Plasticine.


Liquid Latex and Acrylic Paint had been used to add detail to the mask. A leather belt had been glued to both sides of the mask for support in keeping the mask in place when in use.

End result of mask: Liquid Latex, Makeup and False Nails had been added to give extra detail to the mask.



Welcome to my blog. Here I will make regular posts each week with the tasks that I have completed. I hope you enjoy watching my progress throughout the year.